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British exporters 'facing mounting difficulties'

Small businesses which export goods could be facing mounting difficulties.

Date Added: 30/03/2011

Alcohol duty rise 'a blow to pub industry'

Pubs could be damaged by a rise in alcohol duty.

Date Added: 28/03/2011

Chancellor promises growth of small businesses

The chancellor George Osborne has unveiled a raft of measures designed to boost small businesses.

Date Added: 24/03/2011

Government announces red tape reform for small businesses

Small businesses are to be freed from the weight of red tape under government reforms.

Date Added: 22/03/2011

Government 'must get regulation right for small firms'

The coalition government has been told that if it gets regulation right for smaller companies, it will be correct for all companies.

Date Added: 22/03/2011

Small businesses 'need government help'

The government has been told it needs to do more to help small businesses.

Date Added: 18/03/2011

Key to small business success 'is health and safety'

Health and safety could be the key to the success of a small business.

Date Added: 16/03/2011

Websites 'fruitful' for small firms building brand loyalty

Companies looking to build loyalty to their brand have been told they can do so through their website.

Date Added: 14/03/2011

Bosses believe face-to-face is best for dismissals

A new poll has revealed that bosses do not believe sacking employees via email is acceptable.

Date Added: 10/03/2011

Bosses told to build loyalty through social media

Social media can help a company to build loyalty among its customers.

Date Added: 08/03/2011

Firms reminded of importance of customers service

Companies have been told not to underestimate the importance of customer service.

Date Added: 04/03/2011

Firm avoids company debt advice with upturn in profits

A business which was close to needing company debt advice escaped thanks to increased profits.

Date Added: 22/02/2011

Budget 'must help business debt advice customers employ...

The government has been told to include measures enabling firms such as business debt advice customers to employ staff in its Budget.

Date Added: 21/02/2011

Corporate receivership advice customers 'get access to...

Public sector contracts are now set to be available to small firms such as those taking corporate receivership advice.

Date Added: 16/02/2011

Company debt advice customers 'must focus on growth'

Firms such as those taking company debt advice have been told to focus on growth.

Date Added: 16/02/2011

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